• Pigeon


    Pigeon is recognized by generations of parents and their babies as a leading worldwide manufacturer of baby care products.

    • Nursing Bottle & Nipples
    • Cleaning and Sterilizing
    • Baby SkinCare
    • Baby HealthCare Products
    • MotherCare
    • Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues
    • Diaper and Laundry Care
    • Weaning, Pacifiers and Teethers
  • Beesline

    Beesline is a leading natural cosmetic brand in the MENA region and constantly spreading further. Based on Apitherapy (the medical use of honey bee products), cover a wide variety of skin and hair care, literally from head to toes.
    Beesline aims to propose the highest quality care, to solve the most difficult skin problems, by offering different product lines for every type of skin or needed results.

  • Pharmadoct

    Pharmadoct is a first aid and treatment range of products. The range contains a large variety of plasters, products for minor affections treatment and other products for family use.

  • Glycerin

    • Glycerin Body Lotion
    • Glycerin Pure Oil
    • Glycerin Cream